"Unfolding" - painting, drawing and more from Bulgaria and the USA

April 3 - 30, 2010 - Marbles Yoga Studio and Gallery,
1905 Park Avenue, Lafayette Square, St Louis, MO 63104

A project, dedicated to the Artist's Fellowship "26-5", Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Why I named this exhibition Unfolding? And what is unfolding?

With this name I make connections between Time, Material and Spirit – all unfolding at the present moment, here. I wanted to present and thought about the pleasures of Life, Love and Light. And also about our human place in the Universe. The exhibition's name conveys the idea of Creation that is unfolding in our beings. Another reason for this name is the fact, that I kept the unprimed canvasses folded, in order to save space in the small place, where I painted. The type of scroll, which I decided to use for display suggests my strong influence from the Asian culture in addition to my Christian origin.

Marbles Yoga Studio& Gallery is one of the many inspirations for this exhibition. Its space and programs bring to life the ancient and contemporary wisdom of Yoga and Art. Most of my artworks are created especially for this project with gratitude for the protection and support I have had in my life and for the benefits of the practice and philosophy of Yoga and Art. I dedicated my paintings to the necessity of strong connection between human body and soul.

Another big inspiration is the opportunity to work with the artists’ fellowship “26-5”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, for five years before my arrival in the USA. My connection with these artists is very strong and Internet is the main tool for our regular communication. The body of eleven paintings for the show is done with acrylic paint - water soluble and fast drying. They are not completely abstract, although I used expressive brush strokes and primary colors. One can easily find human figures, tree, planets and birds in many of the works. The shape of circle is a universal symbol, which I used for many of the pieces. Our life is a holy experience - this is the message I translate to the language of Visual Art.

The works by my fellow-artists, displayed in addition, present my connections with different artistic concepts. I know all of the participants - Milena Bochukova, Mark Dethrow, Rochelle Jackson, Jan Keller, Stoli Koparanova, Jason Gray, Mira Rahneva, Elizabeth Rose, Deborah and Phyllis Santamaria, Joe McHugh , Mincho Panayotov - and invited them to be part of this amazing opportunity to bring together two different countries - a big and a small, a young and an old - the USA and Bulgaria. I hope that "Unfolding" will create a pleasant environment and feeling for the people, who explore their bodies and mind's abilities during the Yoga classes, held at The Marbles Yoga Studio and Gallery.

Deep gratitude to the gallery owner and director, all of the participating artists, to the country and people, who helped me to feel at home, here, in St Louis, MO, the USA.