Milena Bochuckova, Galina Todorova, Mincho Panayotov - 8 August 2004
oil, acryllics, watercolor
BULGARIAN                                                                                                                                   ENGLISH
Художникът Минчо Панайотов кани
свои бивши ученици, настоящи
приятели и колеги да работят заедно в
края на 1998. Той и художникът  Антон
Стаматов дават името на
обединението, "26-5", обозначаващо
номерата на двете улици, адрес на
Минчовото ателие, където се
провеждат срещите на новата
българска формация. Всички решения
на обединението се взимат само с
единодушно съгласие. За петте години
между 1998 и 2004 много художници са
членове и гости на съвместните
изложби. Галина Тодорова е активен
участник във всички изложби на "26-5".
The Artist Mincho Panayotov
invites his former students, present
friends and colleagues to work
together at the end of 1998. He and
the artist Anton Stamatov give name of
the fellowship - "26-5", using the street
numbers of Mincho's Studio, where the
new Bulgarian formation's meetings
most often take place. All decisions of
the fellowship are taken with full
census. For the five years between
1998 and 2004 many artists are
members and guests of the joint
exhibitions. Galina Todorova is an
active participant in all exhibitions of
A r t i s t s  F e l l o w s h i p "26-5":

2016 March - After 11 years - Plovdiv Artists Union Gallery, 32 Gladstone Str
2010 April - Unfolding, dedicated to the Artists Fellowship 26-5 - Marbles Gallery, St Louis, MO, USA
2004 November - Otstoiania/Distances - Balabanov's House, old town of Plovdiv
2004 August - The Body 2 - Plovdiv Artists Union Gallery
2004 February - auction 5 Years Anniversary - Saint Petersburg Hotel, Plovdiv
2003 December - The Soil - Plovdiv Artists Union Gallery
2003 February - Beyond the Words - Ivan Vazov Public Library, Plovdiv
2002 October - Black 2 - Balabanovs house, old town of Plovdiv
2002 April - 26-5 & Flying Intermezzi - London College of Printing Gallery, London, Great Britain
2002 February – Imago –26-5 & Flying Intermezzi, London - gallery Romfeia,Plovdiv                             
2001 August-Corridors of the Body-The Plovdiv Town Gallery
2001 May-The Life above…- Center of Contemporary Art, Plovdiv
2001 February – gallery M - two years aniversary
2000 December - Intim art -gallery M, Plovdiv
2000 September- Ethno space - Center of Contemporary Art, Plovdiv                   
2000  May-The body- Plovdiv town gallery
1999 September - presentation of 26-5 in the center of contemporary art, Varna
1999 September - gallery M, Plovdiv
1999 June - Faces - Alliance Francaise in Plovdiv
1999 April - Black - gallery in The House of Mexican Art, Plovdiv
1999 February - Paint - gallery Dissonance, Plovdiv – the first exhibition of “26-5
Artists Fellowship 26 - 5/ Творческо обединение 26-5 - 10.03.2016
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